Spanish Program

Assist parents in the most important responsibility of their lives – loving their children and teaching them to love.

The Conversations about L.I.F.E. program is designed to help parents talk to their own children about the important things in life—family life, friendship, and the teen-age experience of sexual attraction and falling in love. Conversations about these topics can be especially difficult for immigrant Latinx families whose children are growing up in the United States. Help Latinx parents to guide their own children – from kindergarten through high school—in developing loving relationships and avoiding relationships that are negative and abusive.

Conversations about L.I.F.E.

Conversaciones acerca de L.I.F.E.

Available in both Spanish and English

  • Translated by Latina professionals
  • 13 parent-child sessions
  • One session each year from kindergarten through grade 12
  • Directed by trained facilitators
  • All the materials ready to download: Lesson Plan, PowerPoint, Activity Book
  • Ideal for bilingual sessions
  • Affordable price: licensed access to downloadable links for the entire program for $1.00 per child

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Conversations about L.I.F.E. was translated from the original English by Maira Lizbeth Davalos Tinajero and Sandra Cruz. The translation was specifically prepared for Latinx children whose families have immigrated to the United States and who are attending public or private schools and catechetical programs where all of their classes are presented in English.

Maira Dávalos

Maira Davalos was born and raised in Zapotlanejo, Jalisco, Mexico, where she now resides. She has a Business background from ITESO, Jesuit University in Guadalajara. Maira earned a Masters of Arts in Foreign Language and Literature with an emphasis in Translation from University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Before returning to Mexico in 2013, she spent eight years studying, volunteering, and working as a translator, interpreter, and Spanish teacher in various educational, medical, and religious institutions in Wisconsin. Currently, she is a freelance translator and English and Spanish teacher.

Sandra Cruz

Sandra Cruz, the editor of the Spanish translation, lives with her husband Nino Cruz in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Her family migrated to the United States from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico in 1976. Sandra grew up speaking and writing English as a second language. She now uses her linguistic skills in English and Spanish as a professional teacher-aid in the local public school system and as a catechist and Latina leader in her Catholic parish.

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